3 Habits That Can Help Improve Your Sleep For Improved Aging

3 Habits That Can Help Improve Your Sleep for Improved Aging

Jennifer McGregor

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With so much emphasis on sleep in recent years, you may know that you need good sleep in order to maintain a good appearance. Sleep is nature’s natural anti-ageing secret, and quality rest can help you age better in other ways as well. However, cracking the code on getting more quality sleep can feel like a challenge, which is where these tips can help.


3 Habits That Can Help Improve Your Sleep for Improved Aging

Your Smartphone Can Be a Sleep-Boosting Tool

Are you turning your phone off at night? If you answered “yes,” you could be making a big mistake when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep. That may come as a surprise, especially given the facts around screen usage before bed, but there are many apps that can provide the extra support you need to minimize sleepless nights.

Before you download and use these apps, however, you will need to keep your phone turned on. Just keep in mind that these apps have a tendency to tear through your data. So, if you want to avoid surprise data charges on your bill, checking out unlimited data cell phone plans is a smart move.

If you still want to wake up with a fully charged phone, you will also need to have some way to keep your phone close by while it is on the charger all night; otherwise, you may need a phone with extended battery life. Android phones top the list when it comes to the best battery life of phones released this year, but the latest iPhones can also provide enough power to keep your sleep apps running all night long.

3 Habits That Can Help Improve Your Sleep for Improved Aging

Your Fitness Habits Can Impact Your Sleep Habits

Did you know that there is a link between exercise and sleep? These two activities seem like polar opposites, but you can’t maintain one of these healthy habits without the other. Simply put, you need quality sleep to maximize the impact of your workouts, but you need exercise to help your brain and body relax at night. Wondering how burning calories can help boost your sleep quality?

When you work out, your brain produces more adenosine, a chemical that induces a sleepy state of mind. More intense workouts will produce more of these sleep-enhancing chemicals but timing your workouts for the morning could also help set your body’s circadian rhythm.

You can maintain that rhythm and maintain good sleep hygiene by sticking to a consistent schedule for sleep, but burning off excess energy definitely helps. Are you having a hard time balancing sleep with exercise? That’s a common sentiment for many adults, but simply altering your regular routine may provide enough time for both. If changing your routines doesn’t allow for both, experts suggest choosing sleep over getting in a workout.

3 habits that can help improve your sleep for improved aging

Your Self-Care Routines Can Improve Your Sleep

Just like sleep and exercise, self-care and rest are closely connected. Actually, maintaining good sleep hygiene is often considered basic self-care. Sleep typically falls into the realm of physical self-care but the quality of your sleep can impact just about every other area of your life as well.

For example, researchers have found that sleep can be at the root of many mental health issues, including depression. This is an important discovery since lack of sleep was previously regarded as more of a symptom of mental health conditions, rather than the cause.

Enhancing your sleep quality can require some extra self-care, especially as you prepare your body for rest at night. Simple habits, such as taking care of your skin or giving yourself massages can help you relax and release tension so that you can fall asleep much faster.

There really is something to be said for getting your beauty rest. Because creating better sleep hygiene is a simple way to create better skin, as well as a better body and mind. So, if you want all of these benefits for yourself, you have to make rest a priority. Use the tips above to improve your sleep habits so that your other healthy ageing efforts will have even more of an effect.

3 Habits That Can Help Improve Your Sleep for Improved Aging



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