Health Benefits Of Sports – Boxing Techniques For Beginners

Playing sports is good for all ages because it can help us to improve our functional abilities. Playing any sport has many health benefits like weight loss, building strong muscles, stretching ability and building strong bones. You can improve your cardiovascular health by playing sports.

Children should be encouraged to play sports at school and in local sport centers.

Today we are going to share with you boxing techniques for beginners.

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Health Benefits Of Sports - Boxing Techniques For Beginners

Boxing is no doubt the most challenging sport. It requires lots of practice for you to become an out-of-class boxer, and it requires agility, speed, power, fitness, endurance, and fitness.

It is also considered a harsh sport which makes you mentally and physically tough. Also, it is the most efficient and the oldest sport, it also refines your motor skills, helps you to reduce stress on every punch you exert.

Boxing reveals your true spirit of being a fighter who is humble in his/her defeat.

A boxer learns to control his emotions and have control over his/her aggression too.

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Health Benefits Of Sports - Boxing Techniques For Beginners

The question may arise in your mind: why should we learn boxing? So, one of the reasons for training boxing is you always train yourself.

You develop a sense of self-confidence, enhance your mood, improve your hand and eye coordination, increase your alertness, strengthen your upper body and core, improve your balance and also improve your coordination.

So if you are a beginner and want to learn about basic techniques of boxing I hope this blog will be really helpful for you.

Boxing Breathing Skills

Must learn first to breathe properly. Inhale when you are preparing yourself to deliver a punch. When you throw the punch start exhaling fast with the help of your mouth.

The main aim of exhaling rapidly is that your core is engaged, ready to connect the punch with your body. So, you have to learn the breathing skill in boxing first.

Stand in a Boxing Stance

Stand up straight and your feet should be widened apart. Now transfer your one foot slightly in front of the other.

Make sure they are parallel to each other. Also, your leading foot should be far enough ahead from your back foot so that you are able to maintain your balance when shifting your weight while throwing a punch.

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The basic and utmost skill that a boxer has to learn is to get stable of their foot first. Many people have a habit of jumping off the ground.

But I would say that it’s the basic skill of boxing that you have to keep your feet on the ground so that you are always ready to attack, defend yourself and move away from your opponent in critical situations.

Also, it’s obvious that jumping on the ground will be a huge waste of time. Good footwork is actually how a boxer can get their punches and execute them with full force, power speed, accuracy, and balance.

Health Benefits Of Sports - Boxing Techniques For Beginners

Boxing Punch

In the basic punching technique, you simply have to take a start from a relaxed position.

Tighten your hand(fist), exhale when you are throwing a punch, and release your hand back towards you.

The four basic punches are jab (a sudden punch), the cross (a straight punch), uppercut upward power punch), and the hook (side power punch). So, I will describe all of these basic boxing punches in detail.

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Ok, getting back to the discussion,


Get yourself in a boxing stance with your hands next to your nose, lift up your heel upward to the ground.

Make sure your fingers are closed and your hand is closed tightly, with your fingertips facing towards your chin.

Now execute the punch straight to your opponent, also make sure that your leading hand should be tightened and ready.

Immediately get your leading hand back to its starting position.


The hook is one of the most important punches in boxing. I will explain how to execute it.

Make sure that you are standing in your boxing stance, with your heels slightly lifted upward. Make sure your fist is closed tightly with your fingertips pointing towards your chin.

Now punch with your left hand making an angle of 90 degrees. Your forearm should be in front of you, your fingertips should be pointed towards the ground, and your knuckles upward.

Your hand, hip, and your feet should move together when you execute the punch.

Now stop the punch which you have executed, and make sure your fist should be directly in front of you.

Along with that, your backhand should be positioned, tight fist, tucked at the ready. Once again return your hands, feet, and hips to the starting position.


Cross is also a power punch like hook and uppercut. While executing a cross punch you make a little loop, and there is more momentum generated at the hitting point.

This is considered the most effective punch when your opponent is protecting his/her face.


The uppercut is the punch executed in boxing and it travels along the vertical line at the solar plexus or at the opponent’s chin.

Uppercuts are useful when they are delivered at close range because they are known to cause more damage to your opponent.

Health Benefits Of Sports - Boxing Techniques For Beginners

Defense Boxing Techniques

The few defense techniques in boxing are mentioned below.


Duck is a defense technique in which you drop your weight down under the punch of your opponent to defend yourself from the punch of your opponent.

So actually, you are ducking under the shot and standing up on the other side to throw a counter punch.


With your fist up to the guard, start in a boxing stance. Slipping is the defensive technique in which you have to defend yourself in a way that if your opponent throws a punch at your right side you have to drop your left shoulder, rotate yourself towards the left side with the help of your waist, bend your knee, and also crunch to the left side to get outside from the attacking line of your opponent’s shot.


If you want to play boxing, you won’t eat junk food, in fact, you will start eating healthier, you will sleep more and train more.

Boxing puts a positive pressure on you and boxing will make you live a healthier happy life.

When you decide to start any sport just remember, always take advice from your coaches who can help you achieve your maximum potential.



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