Healthy Sleep Tips

We all need good sleep at night, but some people have problems with their sleep. Everybody is different. Some people do best when they get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day.

As you know during sleep our brain completes many important functions. During sleep our brain grows and repairs new cells; it forms new pathways so it can learn, remember and process information; and it also replenishes our energy for the upcoming day ahead.

Today we are going to share some Healthy Sleep Tips.

Causes Of Sleep Problems

  1. Stresses or worries can disturb our sleep
  2. Taking medication
  3. Past trauma
  4. You could have problem with where you sleep
  5. You could have health conditions relating to sleep, also known as sleep disorders
  6. Working at night
  7. Mental and physical health problems can affect your sleep as well

Regular Bed Time Sleep Routine

Try to have a regular bedtime routine and stick to it. It can train your body to get better sleep. Always try to stick to your sleep schedule even on weekends, holidays, and vacations as well.

Eat Four Hours Before Bedtime

Avoid eating too early to your bedtime so try to aim for at least four hours prior to bad time as sometimes when you eat a lot of food your body goes on to overdrive trying to digest the food hence you will awake at night. Here are some healthy sleep tips.
Avoid consuming stimulate foods such as food with high level of sugar alcohol, caffeine, drugs of any sort.

Try to consume vegetables and if possible drink one cup of warm milk.

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Avoid watching TV or computer at least one hour before bedtime, read a book instead.

Avoid sleeping in light turn off lights if possible if not then wear a eye mask.

Avoid emotional fluctuations that can cause you to stay wide awake so instead listen to some calm and peaceful music.

Keep yourself warm. it can actually been scientifically proven that if you keep your limbs warm you’re able to sleep better so make sure you’re well covered.

Golden Hours Sleep

Try to sleep in golden Hours and golden hours sleep is between 11.00 pm and 2.00 am because that is when your body is actually detoxing so every night your body is supposed to in those time where liver helps to cleanse your blood and when you do stay awake and not allow you what it to do that you’re causing extra stress on your body and that’s why it’s highly advised to sleep early because by allowing your body to rest it can improve the overall health.


And last but not least : Do meditation or pray before sleep. It can clear your mind and conscience and you’ll be able to fall asleep with peace of mind and smile on your face.

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