How Can We Stop Hair Fall Naturally

How Can We Stop Hair Fall Naturally

How Can We Stop Hair Fall Naturally

Reasons for hair loss

It’s typical to lose hair. We can lose somewhere in the range of 50 and 100 hairs per day, frequently without taking note.

Hair baldness isn’t normally anything to be stressed over yet every so often it tends to be an indication of a restorative condition.

A few kinds of hair loss are lasting, similar to male and female example hairlessness. This sort of balding more often than not keeps running in the family.

Different kinds of balding might be impermanent. They can be caused by:


  • an ailment


  • stress


  • cancer treatment


  • weight loss


  • iron inadequacy

This cure is for your hair loss, hair regrowth. For your hair to recover brilliance and recaptures its force. To stop balding and more to recover your hair. you require characteristic arrangement since items in the exchange utilize added substances or traditionalist in view of a concoction to keep up the time span of usability despite the fact that at first look those items appear to work. with time you will discover your hair is harmed, thin and more starts to lose.

What we need to do?

You require an answer for your concern yet an answer that contains characteristic fixings to join themselves at home.

One of the formulas for the upkeep and characteristic recovery of hair comprises three fixings which are perceived worldwide for their advantages for hair. These fixings are coconut oil, guava leaves and onion, appears an unusual blend however how about we see why I picked these three fixings?

Above all else, guava leaves can avert balding and recovers hair

For what reason are the leaves of guava are useful for hair?

The fundamental reason is that these leaves contain vitamin B the most vital vitamin that ensures the wellbeing and richness of the hair.

Coconut Oil

The second fixing is coconut oil which not at all like different items, for example, sunflower or mineral oils has a property to enter the hair and saturate top to bottom.

Did you realize that coconut oil empowers blood course so blood dissemination increments in the scalp the hair follicles and furthermore animate increment the development of the hair?
How Can We Stop Hair Fall Naturally
Coconut oil supports and saturates hair follicles with supplements, for example, vitamin E and K. Coconut oil have antifungal properties. Its utilization annihilates the microorganisms and parasitic that caused the advancement of dandruff. Coconut oil has sun assurance factor SPF 8 so by utilizing it you can normally shield from the unsafe impacts of daylight.

Onion Juice is good for hair loss

Onion juice contains a lot of sulfur connected on the scalp two times every week for two months fortifies hair development of scalp course, reinforces hair and gives it volume yet it likewise successful in giving and quit achieving untimely of hair. Sulfur enhances the creation of collagen essential for your hair development.

For arrangement, we require 100g of onion, one full bowl of guava leaves or a large portion of a bowl of dried guava leaves and 250ml of coconut oil in a pan. Put the oil and overflow with the guava leaves at that point include finely slashed onions and bubble it on low fire abandon it for 40 minutes.

Expel the pan from the fire let it cool at that point crush the blend with a gauze. Apply the oil to the hair, kneading the scalp ensuring that blend covers all hairs. Hairs must cover with a showering top and abandon it for 15 minutes with this oil at that point wash your hair obviously. You ought to apply this hair treatment two times each week. Utilizing this treatment your hair will recapture its splendor. Male pattern baldness will stop and more hair will recover.


For sound and healthy hair, you have to eat a solid adjusted eating routine. To stop hair loss or you should attempt regular natural solutions to treat hair fall naturally.


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