How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Longer – Hair Growing Tips

As you know that long, silky and healthy hair is considered the sign of beauty. The long beautiful shiny hair is one of the most desirable in the fashion industry.

If you love long hair then these tips and tricks you need to know to make your hair grow faster and longer.

If you are looking for an answer of how to make your hair grow faster and longer then look no further.

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Longer

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Diet Is Very Important For Healthy Long Hair

You need to be eating adequate levels of iron, B Vitamins, protein and zinc. Add the superfood spirulina to smoothies, it’s a complete protein rich in chlorophyll which will help your hair to grow.

You can also add kale in your diet, its high in iron (a very important mineral can give you a deficiency condition, anaemia and can be a major cause of hair loss).

You can take a supplement containing a combination of Vitamin B, Iron, Zinc and other minerals will also help to contribute to the maintenance of healthy locks if you are not eating a balanced diet.

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Exfoliation Can Help Growth

Your scalp is the gateway to your healthy hair. Exfoliation can help promote growth.

For exfoliation, you can use a detoxifying shampoo, or a scalp scrub once a week to completely cleanse and remove excess sebum from follicles.

Caffeine is very helpful to stimulate the hair shaft by blocking the effects of Dihydrotestosterone, a chemical known to damage hair follicles and it can speed up hair growth by 25% but keep in mind that drinking caffeine a lot might not be the best way to grow your hair.

For Hair Growth, Massage Is Very Useful Technique

Massage is good for hair growth because it stimulates blood circulation and supports the tiny blood vessels that feed the hair follicles.

Do massage gently not pulling the hair and doing a rhythmic tapping technique are two massage methods you can try at home. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with a professional head massage.

Hair Growing Tips

Washing, Styling And Hair Colours Can Affect Your Hair

Daily shampooing compromise scalp’s natural essential oils that stimulate hair growth. Excessive heat-styling, backcombing, brushing and chemically processing can make your hair fragile.

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Tight Hairbands Needs To Be Changed

A common cause of hair breakage is hairband. When you wear tight elastics hairband and wear the same place can cause wear and tear on the hair which is not good if you want to grow your hair, so pick the right type and keep them loose.

Avoid hairband without metal fasteners, instead of tight hairbands, you can try the Invisibobble which puts less pressure on your hair.

Avoid Brushing Hair When Wet

We generally make this mistake, we brush hair while it’s still wet. We should wait for hair to dry naturally after that gently detangle, and then comb softly.

If you have to brush your hair when they wet then first use your fingers to detangle them and then use a hairbrush.

Avoid Using Different Products On Your Hair On A Daily Basis

Products build-up can clog your hair follicles, hindering healthy hair growth.

Try to give your hair a rest from overloading the root area with styling products – dry shampoo and volumizing powders because these are common culprits and also avoid dirt.

Regular trimming Is Good For Hair Growth

Regular trimming is good for hair growth and also trimming regularly and managing damage you’ll have to cut off less hair in the long run, so you are basically growing fast your hair.

Supplements for hair growth

Supplements Can Help You Grow Hair Faster

There are supplements available in the market for hair growth.

These tablets will give your hair maximum strength, reduce hair shedding by up to 1/5 and also will reverse the effects of hair loss.

Natural hair growth tips and remedies are always the best. We will guide you all about how to grow hair faster naturally with home remedies.

If you want long and luscious hair faster and also want to save your money on expensive medications and professional consultancy then use these natural remedies for growing your hair faster.

Yoghurt For Hair Growth

Yoghurt is a natural ingredient for hair growth. Yoghurt is rich in vitamins and fatty acids that are essential for hair health and hair growth.

Yoghurt can help you to get rid of dandruff with its anti-fungal properties that soothe the scalp, calm frizz by keeping your hair moisturized for longer. Yoghurt controls hair fall by improving scalp health and reducing the clogging of follicles.

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How to use Yoghurt for hair growth?

Take 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of yoghurt in a bowl, whisk the egg until the yellow and white are combined and mix to form a paste. After that section your hair and start applying this mask on your hair roots to the tips.

Covered all of your hair and then leave the mask in for 25-35 minutes. After that rinse the mask out with shampoo and cool water. You can apply this mask up to twice a week.

Eggs are packed with proteins will nourish scalp and hair and will ensure that your hair grows out fast and healthy.

Rosewater for hair

Rosewater Is A Very Effective Home Remedy

Rosewater has been used for skin treatment and hair for centuries. You can use rosewater millions of other different ways.

How to use rosewater for hair growth?

You can use rose water with shampoo. You can dilute your regular shampoo with a bit of rose water and then apply on your hair. Rosewater will make your hair soft and glossy.

You can use rose water as a hair conditioner. It will add a healthy shine to your hair and also its amazing fragrance will linger your stress.

For damaged hair, you can use rosewater as a treatment. Take 1 cup of rose water and add a capsule for Vitamin E and a few drops of jojoba essential oil, mix the ingredients and massage for 10 to 15 minutes on wet hair.

Garlic Paste For Healthy Hair

Garlic paste is one of the effective hair growth remedies. 3 to 5 minutes massage of garlic paste will keep your hair sturdy and smooth and it’s an easy, and affordable method to grow your hair faster.

How to use garlic paste for hair?

You can message your hair about 4 to 8 minutes with garlic paste, it will make your hair sturdy and smooth. Garlic paste is an easy to use remedy for hair growth.

Water for healthy hair

Drink Enough Water

Health authorities recommend that to avoid dehydration we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Drinking water is essential for our entire body. It flushes out toxins and helps the body function work properly.

Our hair relies on the rest of our body to keep it hydrated, it is important to drink enough water and stay hydrated.


Healthy and balanced nutrition with plenty of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids can make your hair grow faster. Foods rich in selenium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, vitamins A, B, C and E will help your hair to grow.

Diet with various healthy foods like cheese, milk, chicken, yoghurt, eggs, avocado, grapefruit, cabbage, bell peppers, broccoli, walnuts, fish, olive oil, beans, whole grains, carrots and spinach can help you achieve the beautiful hair you long to have.


  1. These are great tips-not just for hair growth but for over all health. Everything is connected. I didn’t know about the yoghurt and egg trick. I will give this a go as only just the other day I was wondering why it seems my hair is suddenly taking longer to grow than normal. Your article has reminded me that perhaps I need an over all tune up on my vitamins and minerals. Thanks for the tips!

    • Hi Liz, thank you so much for visiting my site and giving positive feedback. Much appreciated.

  2. Your article is really commendable. The yoghurt and egg method is surprising in making the hair grow. Aside that taking food rich in iron and vitamins too will not only be for restoring hair growth but also for being healthy on daily basis. All other tips and tricks are also lovely. I will recommend this for my fiancee.

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