How To Take Care Of Your Feet


How To Take Care Of Your Feet

Put your best feet forward with this health, footwear and beauty advice
It’s sweltering and radiant everywhere — summer, authoritatively — and even the shiest, palest, most woebegone toes are looking out from their concealing spots. They’ve been cleaned and buffed, their nails cut and cleaned. What’s more, they’re prepared to be found in the season’s trendiest foot-exposing designs. There are ladies who totally shun close-toed shoes and men, they escape with whatever they can at whatever point they can. It tends to make every one of us somewhat smug with regards to putting our best feet forward. We hurry into our flip-flop to do yard work, basic need shop, notwithstanding for work or to go out to supper. The tenets are free, and we’re for the most part affirm with that.
From time to time — endeavor somewhat of a revive. To hurl out the old footwear and acquire something new. To ensure our tootsies are genuinely satisfactory when we’re out on the town. What’s more, to continue persevering foot rear areas, curves, and toes glad and solid.
Your feet take the heaviness of your entire body, so foot issues can rapidly prompt uneasiness and influence the way you walk. This can thus cause knee, hip and back agony.

A good foot-care regimen is pretty basic

  • Wash feet daily.
  • Soak them when they’re sore.
  • Dry them when they’re wet and moisturize them when they’re dry.
  • Wear footwear that fits and offers support (including casual open styles).
  • Keep toenails trimmed.
  • See a specialist for any unusual aches and pains.

Sounds easy enough. But we get a lot wrong.

What To Wear

Let’s start with those flip-flops, a flip-flop is good if you’re taking a few steps around a pool, and that’s about it, with overuse, they cause a lot of problems with arch and heel pain.
Sandals with a strap are a better choice if you’re doing more walking. The strap stabilizes your foot — at least a little bit — which can help you avoid the kind of trips and slips that cause sprained ankles and broken toe bones. Your footwear also should cup and stabilize your heel and some sort of arch support is a must.
Bursitis, an inflammation of the ball of the foot at the base of the second toe, is a common foot problem that is exacerbated by overdoing it with unsupportive footwear. You’re basically trying to hold your flip-flops on by curling your toes when you walk, and that puts excessive pressure on the ball of the foot.

Shoe shop toward the evening

Shop for shoes toward the evening. Your feet swell as the day goes on and if shoes fit toward the evening when your feet are at their biggest, you can be guaranteed they will dependably be agreeable.

Wearing high heels

Be shoe smart. Wear high foot heels, and pointed shoes for exceptional events only, and dependable wear the correct shoes for the activity.

Healthy And Happy

Prevention is key when it comes to keeping your feet happy and healthy. Your toenails should be clean and cut short and straight across with sanitary clippers. File down any jagged edges. Gently push cuticles down. Use buffing tool to work on any callouses, don’t try to slice them off. Likewise, tenderly force your toes forward and backward one by one to extend them and simplicity snugness and soreness.
You can likewise utilize a foot roller for your foot rubs.

Backrub Daily

Standard foot rubs are one of the least demanding approaches to keep your feet solid and free from a wide range of foot issues. Spend only 5 minutes out of your bustling timetable to rub your feet every day. Utilize warm olive or coconut oil. Likewise, tenderly force your toes forward and backward one by one to extend them and simplicity snugness and soreness.
You can likewise utilize a foot roller for your foot rubs. While rubbing, utilize your thumbs to press into the bottoms of your feet in a roundabout working example.
A couple of minutes of foot massage day by day gives different advantages as well, for example,
Helping you unwind following a long, tiring day
Advancing sound rest
Enhancing blood course to your legs
Making your lower legs solid and adaptable
Diminishing torment and irritation
Diminishing uneasiness related to consuming feet sensation

Looking Good

When all is well, feel free to doll up those nails with some color — an old favorite or the latest trend. Shades of blue, purple and pink are in for summer. Red is popular year-round.
To make that color last, ask about the benefits of a gel pedicure, which offers a shiny, smooth look that usually dries faster and typically holds up better. Let the salon know, though, if you’re sensitive to ultraviolet light.
Whether you’re going with a pro or you prefer to DIY, make sure everything that touches your feet is clean.
You can get in and out in as little as 45 minutes or, at many spas and salons, you can schedule a foot massage, scrub or some other pampering treatment that will leave you floating for the rest of the day.


If your skin is dry, apply to saturate cream on your feet, with the exception of between the toes. Tenderly evacuate hard skin and calluses with a pumice stone or foot file – don’t try too hard however or skin will become back harder than ever if you feel that your feet are still dry and damaged than ask your podiatrist or dermatologist for a recommendation.

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