Natural Exfoliating Face Pack


Home remedies are good for your skin

Home remedies are the best and easiest way of healing damage to your skin and resorting the natural beauty and the best part is that all ingredients are easily available in your kitchen.

Natural products that you likely already have in your kitchen may be all you need to exfoliate your skin and get beautiful skin.

Natural items have the ability to create just enough friction to remove dead cells from the surface of your skin.

Today we are going to share with you Natural Exfoliating Face Pack with you.


Gram flour
Plain yogurt
Sandalwood powder
Turmeric powder


Take gram flour, plain yogurt and mix it until it into a paste then add a little bit of lemon, sandalwood powder, a little bit of turmeric powder in it and mix it well and apply it on your skin. Let it dry.
If you have oily skin then you can use skimmed milk or low-fat yogurt. And then after 15-20 minutes just scrub it using your fingers. It will exfoliate your skin and make it glowy and gorgeous.


Natural home remedies are always good for all types of skin. Always try to solve your skin problems first with natural remedies.

Sometimes colder weather left your skin tired and dull. Dry skin and cold weather combined with indoors central heating can strip the skin of moisture and leave you feeling less than your best.

Try Natural Exfoliating Face Pack and you will observe clean, healthy and beautiful skin in days.

Remove old, dead skin cells to reveal the healthy, new skin underneath by exfoliating your skin.

Natural skin exfoliation is fast and inexpensive and it can boost your natural glow ahead of spring.


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