The Full-Body Workout For Serious Gain – The Full Body Workout For Beginners

The Full-Body Workout For Serious Gain


When we make a start for a full-body workout, we feel like it will take a lot of time. In a full-body workout, your main goal should be to work on every muscle of your body.

If you are an underweight bodybuilder trying to get some mass which you have reduced due to any reason your full-body workout will help you to gain muscles and strength. But you must be tricky in choosing exercise which surely would work on your muscles.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with The Full-Body Workout For Serious Gain and The Full Body Workout For Beginners.

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Try to choose the exercise that includes compound and multi joints movements to work on every area of your muscles.

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Read on and learn some ideas which will surely help you to gain your muscles and will provide you the serious gain.

But you must be patient before starting off any exercise because it requires time and engagement for you to accomplish your full-body workout goals.

The Full-Body Workout For Serious Gain

When you perform any exercise, each workout carries two of the compound moves, consisting of the tri-sets and then the extra bonus set of the last exercise.

So, I am explaining few ideas which you can follow to get better results.

How Much Weight You Should Be Lifting Initially?

It is the most frequently asked question from beginners. That how much weight they should be lifting for the exercise?

The answer to this question varies, depending upon the weight. To develop max strength lifting to 2-6 sets of 6 or lesser reps would be great.

Along with that lifting heavy to moderate weight for 3-6 sets of 8-12 reps would be a sensible approach if you want to build up muscle size.

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What Should I Eat?

If you are training hard but not getting the proper nutrients, then trust me you will not get any advantage if you have no commitment to your nutrition as well.

You need to have a diet based on a protein that helps your muscles to get repaired, rebuilt after the workout.

So must focus on a diet that is rich in high proteins. You can also get the supplements like bars and protein powders as well.

Other than getting proteins make sure you are also getting enough carbohydrates.

Nutrient-dense high carbs foods like cereals, fruits like bananas, dates, whole grain pasta are a wonderful way to fuel up your body after your workout session.

Along with that, you can have starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, and corn as well.

The Full-Body Workout For Serious Gain

The Full-Body Exercises

When it comes to full-body workouts the best exercise will include compound exercise.

Several moves are included involving muscle groups.

These exercises include deadlifts, kettlebell swings, thrusters, and burpees.

Below I will describe all these exercises in detail with coaching tips.

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Anyways getting back to the discussion, here are few exercises that will be beneficial in your full-body workout.


Deadlifts trigger the muscles such as glutes, hip flexors, lower back muscles, quads, core, and hamstrings. Deadlifts are the famous exercise that is known to develop strength in your lower back area, abdomen, thighs, lower back, and legs.

The exercise burns belly fat too.

How To Perform Deadlifts

Squats down, and hold the barbell, with your shoulders wide apart. Keep your chest in an upward position, and make sure your face is straight when you are holding the bar.

Now focus on getting the bar off from the ground to the level of your hips, torso perpendicular to the floor, before you are placed back on the ground.

The deadlift is considered as one of the powerful exercises, along with squats and bench presses.


To perform dumbbell exercises, you must lie on a flat workout bench with your feet flat on the floor.

Now palms facing towards your feet make sure that your arms are fully extended, hold the dumbbells above your chest. Now bend at your elbow to lower the dumbbells that you are holding in your hands.

Make sure you should be lifting enough of the weight with whom you can do desired reps easily.

Full body Dumbbell workout is a full-body workout for any type of your fitness, you can do it at your home or at your gym.

This exercise involves major muscle groups and movement patterns including squatting, pushing, and pulling as well.

The Full-Body Workout For Serious Gain

Standing Overhead Press

When you are performing the overhead press in the standing position it means you are targeting most of the muscle’s groups of your upper body, including the shoulders, chest, and arms muscles as well.

This exercise is especially important when you are trying to give strength and development to your upper body parts.

In this exercise, you can lift most of the weight so, if you want to make huge and big shoulders, I recommend you this exercise.

Face Pulls

Face pull is also one of the most effective exercises and it works on your rear deltoids, rhomboids, and external rotators.

To perform face, pull exercise, all you need to do is use the cable pulley machine so that you are able to pull the weight straight towards your forehead.

This exercise is easy to do but it depends on your focus only to make it beneficial for you.

Exercising on your rear delt will help you to build the overall strength of your shoulders.

Your string shoulders are important for the exercises like lifting, pressing, and pulling, and rotating your hands too.


Try to do at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. You can break it down to 40 minutes 4 days a week, 30 minutes 5 days a week. Choose what works best for your lifestyle.

Set your fitness goals and then progress to longer range goals. Make your goals realistic and achievable.

Along with that, I would advise you to have a focus on your diet as well to get better results. So, keep working hard and Good luck!

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