Top 10 Benefits Of Running- Health Benefits Of Running

Running is the activity of moving fast on the foot, especially as a sport. It is different from walking because while you are running both of your feet are on the ground at the same time period. There are different terms that we actually use to describe various running. For example, jogging is slow, and sprinting is running fast.

Of course, running is good to keep you fit and healthy.

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There are a variety of amazing benefits of running and some of the unexpected benefits of running, which I will describe in today’s blog.

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Top 10 Benefits Of Running- Health Benefits Of Running

Getting back to the discussion, there are various advantages of running discussed below.


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Why Do I Feel Sleepy After Running?

Some people feel sleepy when their muscles run out of energy. The ability of your central nervous system to keep moving also loses.

This whole mechanism makes your muscles fatigue and makes you feel tired. Along with that when you get a nap that helps you to recover your muscles and gives you an energy boost, which makes you active again.

What Is The Best Time To Run?

According to science the best time to run is in the early evening or late afternoon. The best time for sprints is in the early evening.

1: Improved Sleep

Various studies have shown that running can cure anemia as well as lead to improved sleep.

Those people who have indulged themselves in running, tend to have better and quicker sleep.

When you work out the hormone named adenosine is released that promotes sleep.

Top 10 Benefits Of Running- Health Benefits Of Running

2: Reduced Illness

Running or jogging is considered the best cardio exercise. Running for like 10 minutes can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It is observed that runners reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 35 to 55 percent.

It has been observed that people who run daily are less likely to get ill, and running also prevents blood clots in the arteries and blood vessels.

It also regulates the blood flow, cholesterol level and maintains blood pressure.

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3: Relieve Stress

Stress is actually the feeling in which you are not able to cope up with your mental or emotional pressure. Or in other words, you can say that stress is the reaction of your body to any challenge or demand.

It is a threat to your physical health if ignored may lead to insomnia, muscle tension, high blood pressure, increased heart disease.

So running is the best way through which you can get relief from tension and can boost up your mood.

4: Make Your Joints Stronger

Running actually condition your cartilages, it also lubricates and stimulates your body to build up new cartilages.

It is also believed that running every day for a long-distance can protect your joints, make them stronger and prevent diseases like arthritis.

So, if you are young or in middle age, you must start running on a daily basis in order to protect your bones from diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis in old age.

5: Running Helps You To Improve Your Balance

You can definitely make your core muscles, your shoulders, and your legs stronger when you run on a regular basis. Other than that, running also helps you to improve your balance. It’s also considered a full-body stabilizer.

When you go to your old age you may feel difficulty in balancing yourself which may make you dependent on others.

So, if you are in middle age, I would suggest you run, jog or walk at least. That’s because your balance gets improved, your body muscles and bones get stronger enough that you don’t have any dependence on others.

Oh yes! Running is one of the best ways through which you can improve your coordination and balance.

Top 10 Benefits Of Running- Health Benefits Of Running

6: Running Helps You To Fight Depression

The majority of the people in today’s world are fighting depression.

The national institute of mental health has estimated that around 16.2 million U.S adults went through the major phase of depression in 2016.

And according to new studies, people with COVID-19 have faced more mental illness because of isolation.

So, you can clearly observe how many of us are facing depression, anxiety, and dementia.

Research has also shown that aerobic exercises like running are the best cure for mental illness and depression.

When you hit the road to jog or to run you build muscles, your heart muscles also get stronger, and also your mental health improves.

7: Running Is Better Than Going To The Gym

In most cases, it has been observed that running is better than the gym. It has been observed that 41.6 percent of people in the U.S are deficient in vitamin D.

This is because people have less exposure to the sun and they tend to work inside (in the gyms).

So, running outside can make the human body absorb most of the vitamin D due to the sun exposure, ward off depression, and also make your bones stronger.

8: Running Is A Key Way To Burn Lots Of Calories

It has been observed that an average one-hour weight training in the gym can burn around 300 calories. But if you run for an hour you can burn up to about twice that.

It is the most effective way through which you can burn around 8.5 calories in a minute if you are moving on a comfortable path.

9: Running Builds Your Stamina

You can increase the capacity of your lungs, and muscles. Running can improve the strength and function of your body.

When you start building a running habit, you’ll endure the discomfort of exercising for longer, while at the same time reducing feelings of fatigue and exhaustion so take it easy, start with run walks.

Top 10 Benefits Of Running- Health Benefits Of Running

10: Running Cost-Effective Exercise

Running is the most cost-effective exercise.

You can buy the latest wearable tech, but it’s definitely not needed.

You just need a decent comfortable pair of trainers.


So, from my point of view, and from my experience running is the simplest way to health benefits.

It’s a way through which you can strengthen your bones, directly absorb vitamin D from sunlight due to exposure to the sun. So, what are you waiting for? just tie up your laces and indulge yourself in running from today!!!

Top 10 Benefits Of Running- Health Benefits Of Running


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